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I was born and raised in Florida. After many years of travel, attending plein air paint outs, I discovered that residencies are the best way to explore the natural world I love. Working for an extended period from seven to ten days really enhances my painting experience. I am lucky to have friends and collectors who make it possible to explore the exciting and interesting locations I love to paint. Supporters provide their unoccupied vacation homes or hotel lodging for my residencies throughout the year. I am always delighted to leave an original framed painting for them as my thanks for their generous gift. If you would like to sponsor a residency, I would love to hear from you.
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mini Residency at Fair Oaks - December 16th, 2012

Notes From My Residency Journal

Today was spectacular at Fair Oaks. Not cold or hot, very pleasant. I arrived with a huge tin container of dried flowers and grasses for the front porch of the old house. I like to keep a decoration there to dress the old lady up a bit. She is so precious to me. For a couple of years I had an old basket there but it has gotten pretty shabby. I sorted through the old stuff and put what was still good in the new container, leaving the little birds nest and the tiny painting I did of the old Magnolia in the bench in front of the new container. I think this new one is a step up from my last attempt. My daughter Jackie helped me with this one.

I headed out in the blue golf cart to explore first. I settled in under the trees to paint. The Sandhill Cranes were out and about at the pond and I enjoyed.hearing them talk while I painted the pond. I'm sure they were talking about their list for Santa Bird.

The lunch bell rang and I was off to lunch with Rick and Scotty. We had lovely chicken salad sandwiches with fruit salad and a nice green salad. Dessert was my favorite, a Hershey chocolate bar. I've always thought a Hershey bar is the ultimate luxury.

Fish Prairie
36x48 inches
acrylic on deep canvas

Field II

After lunch I packed up my gear and headed out for Fish Prairie. This is a favorite place for me, especially in the fall and winter.It is so beautiful with the Hickory trees and their leaves of gold. The mosquitoes were fierce today. I hope we will have a freeze soon to get rid of them for a few months. I ran out of bug juice today so it was time to head for the barn. Leroy and I headed for home with fond memories of a wonderful day at Fair Oaks.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fair Oaks Mini Residency- December 9, 2012

Fish Prairie Winter
12x16 inches

Notes From My Residency Journal

Today was glorious at Fair Oaks. This morning was gray and overcast, just perfect to bring out the fall color still here and there in a few trees. There is nothing like color next to gray and neutral.It was the perfect temperature, not hot or cold. One of the amazing things about Fair Oaks is the efficiency of Rick and his staff. I mentioned a week ago that the trails through Fish Prairie were getting a bit overgrown. Today they were mowed. It is just like magic!! They are always so kind and helpful.  How they keep 160 acres groomed is amazing. 

I had a nice surprise when the lunch bell rang. Our wonderful Kate Barnes had arrived bringing her little dog and a big plate of homemade gingerbread. Marjorie Rawlings' recipe no less. Kate lives in Cross Creek and is ever fascinating with the many stories she knows about the area. She is a well know cookbook author and famous watercolor painter. We rarely have time together, so it was a real treat to see her.

Casey, one of the staff members has taken on the task of chef for us on Sundays. Today he made delicious beef, chicken and vegetable kabobs. I've not had that for a long time and I made a pig of myself, eating two, with a lovely green salad. Rick made fresh whipped cream and we enjoyed Kate's wonderful gingerbread and coffee for dessert. Replete with conversation and great childhood stories, we lingered together in happy companionship.

After lunch, Henry and I went back out to finish the painting above. I watched the evening approach thinking that days at Fair Oaks are much too short.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Past and Present- My Wonderful Life

Resch Plantation

Notes From My Residency Journal

From my Cousin Carol Resch:

With a few other dishes, this is what we had at Christmas growing up on the plantation, Lake Woodlawn in Mt. Pleasant, SC. So in writing this poem for the Old Fashioned Christmas poetry book, I wanted to include my family's traditon of hunting and some of the types of food we had on a southern plantation. This is in celebration of my friends who still hunt and fish, and enjoy 
the life as an outdoors person. This is copyrighted.

We’ll Hold Christmas Dinner
til the men folk come in 
from hunting the woods.
The pumpkin pie and
cherry flan will keep
beside the cider tank
We’ll sit here around the fire
and tell tales from long ago
when snow was flying and
Santa’s elves retiring
and reindeer asleep from
the long night’s flight
We’ll keep the turkey in the oven
and candied sweet potatoes
in their orange half shells
the ambrosia the men cut up
yesterday will mellow in
mama’s old punch bowl by the
window sill
We’ll keep the collards in their pot
and the corn bread beside the turkey too
and all the cranberries inside their shells
awaiting the tables’ decorating do
we’ll hold dinner for the men folk
and act surprised when they show up
all bloodied from the hunt
holding up their marsh hens, deer,
turkey and a few squirrels too
prizes for jobs well done as we
know we’ll eat them after this
Christmas day with grateful
hearts and then be happy we did
the holding and happy we did
the surprize for Christmas time 
is special and no other time will
we hold dinner
for the men folk.

My cousin Carol grew up at this plantation along with her siblings, my Aunt Annie Ruth and Uncle George. I was allowed to visit any time I wished to and begged my parents to take me. I had a slew of cousins there and the freedom to roam the land and fish in the lake. Many of my happiest childhood memories are of this plantation, now long gone. I have many stories of my cousins and Uncle George who was colorful, to say the least.

 It struck me profoundly when I saw this image and read Carol's poem that this is the reason I fell in love so deeply with Fair Oaks in Evinston six years ago. I am reliving those happy times, each time I arrive. They have been under the surface for me without my true understanding until now.  They say that our childhood memories can shape us as adults, and that is quite true in my case.  My love for trees and the land began early and grew as I matured. There has never been a time that I haven't been attached to the land and the wild places of the South. I must be the luckiest person on earth to have found Fair Oaks at my age. I am deeply grateful to Rick for sharing it with so many of his friends.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Amazing Day at Fair Oaks

Notes From My Residency Journal

It is rare that I have time to go to Fair Oaks twice in one week. Today I rode out with my pal Mary Jane Volkman, who now lives most of the year in Germany. She is home for the holidays so we found the time to go to our favorite place.

Today we didn't want to paint. We took our cameras and stopped first in the old house, discovering the stash of chocolate bars. We made hot tea and took a cup with us out to the fields of gold and light while enjoying our chocolate treat. We saw a variety of birds, including Cedar Waxwings, a group of mystery birds we think were birds of prey, a beautiful Great Blue Heron and Sandhill Cranes.

We took lots of wonderful photos,and wandered leisurely around the estate, feeling great joy in the experience.

Our last stop was a trip to the citrus grove where we feasted on tangerines. Sweet and tart. Marvelous!!

We explored all of my favorite secret places and beautiful Fish Prairie. Enjoy these photos of my favorite place in the world.

Cypress on the Pond

In Front of the Pond

The Woods Behind Holy Ground Field

The Glorious Oak in Field Three

The Grove

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fair Oaks Mini Residency December 2, 2012

Fish Prairie

New Boots

Favorite Live Oak Trees

Pond View
12x16 inches
acrylic on stretched canvas

Notes From My Residency Journal

After two weeks away, it was sheer pleasure to return to Fair Oaks today. I ordered some boots for my residency journeys and they arrived just in time to break them in today. They are steel toed and water proof so I feel better prepared to avoid a potential snake bite when I stomp around in the wild places. They have pink stitched flowers on them to give them a bit of girly, which I like.

Henry and I set out and arrived around 10:30 to greet Rick and his staff. We drove around quite awhile, thinking about where we wanted to paint and finally settled on the path around the pond. It was a perfect spot with a bit of shade and a beautiful view. I bought myself a new paint box because my old one was damaged in the New Smyrna trip by Sandy. This new one holds larger canvases so I have been enjoying working on some 12x16 paintings on location.

Before I knew it the lunch bell rang and I enjoyed homemade Chili Dogs made by Scotty, the manager of the estate. I so enjoy being around the young college kids. They are lively and fun with great adventures to share. They are all so smart and capable too, just like my own daughters. 

Around 2 PM, I finished up work on the painting and we loaded the gear in Leroy, my old truck. We jumped back in the golf cart and headed out to explore the fields and lovely Fish Prairie. I am so fond of the prairie and it is starting to look just about right for painting. I am trying to talk the staff into doing a mow on the paths through the prairie for me so I can get back there easily to paint soon. I got a couple of great images today for studio work. Talk about a gorgeous place!!

I can never get enough of Fair Oaks.It speaks to me deeply, on many levels. The light there is like no other place I've ever painted. As I drive along in my trusty blue golf cart, I see tiny magical surprises, in the fields, on the trails and in the trees, particularly in the fall and winter. Today I saw tiny red leaves hiding inside the trees from the vines growing in the canopies. They go unnoticed in the summer but pop out now in the cool time of the year. I saw tiny yellow daisies out on the prairie, peeking through the leaves on the paths. Around a corner, a tree on fire with orange and red with a back drop of deep blue gray and green; these are the small and delicate gifts given to me as I explore. Mother nature has given Fair Oaks very special qualities.

How lucky I am to be there.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ho Down at Fair Oaks

Ewen- Fair Oaks Staff

Square Dance

Fiddle and Banjo

Victor- Fair Oaks Staff


Rick- The Trail Boss

Sebastian- Family

The Bon Fire

Yummy Food

 Matt- Family, with me.

Edna, Patsy and Warren-Family

Notes From My Fair Oaks Residency

The privilege of being an Artist in Residence includes all of the swell parties out at Fair Oaks. They know how to throw a party with no detail left out. Comfort and pleasure for the guests is all important. The Ho Down is held every fall on a Friday night. Last weekend was perfect, cool and lovely. We enjoyed a huge meal of turkey and all the trimmings and a table groaning under the weight of desserts. I was really good and skipped dessert. I enjoyed the time with friends at the bonfire and watched the square dancing. The fire is always huge and beautiful. You can imagine all kinds of wonderful things while watching the mammoth tree limbs burn. On a hundred and sixty acres full of trees, you are going to have firewood. It gets stacked up all year long and then burned for the parties.

There is a nice hay ride too. It is  a wonderful way to spend a fall evening. Eating alfresco under the stars with the fiddle and banjo music in the background is so pleasant. I've always loved the edge of a party and this one is no exception. I like to hang around the bonfire or on the porch of the old house,  watching the festivities.

As always, Fair Oaks is the best place to be.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Artist in Residence Sponsors Visit My Studio and the Mini Residency at Fair Oaks

Bird Island Light- SOLD
18x24 inches
Artist in Residence Paintings

Notes From My Residency Journal- November 17, 2012

Yesterday was a special event at my studio. Two of my housing sponsors came for a visit and one of my business sponsors. They are friends so it was lovely to have five friends who support my project come together. The Nelms from Bird Island and Rick Knellinger from Fair Oaks. What a treat for me. We enjoyed talking about all the lovely wild places we have been to around Florida. I am hoping for a pontoon boat ride soon to take reference photos from the Suwanee River area. The Nelms told me that there are some great spots to photograph for future paintings in that area and around Horseshoe Beach. I'll be exploring that area for a week in April. It always means so much to me when Rick comes to the studio. He seldom has the time to come so it is special!!. 

Fall on the Pond 3
12x16 inches
acrylic on canvas
wide off white distressed frame

Notes From My Fair Oaks Mini Residency- November 18, 2012

My goodness today was one of the glorious days at Fair Oaks. It was cool and dry with a Florida blue sky day. Gosh I love it there in the fall and winter. There is simply no better place. I decided to go to a familiar scene that I've been interested in for a couple of years. The above is my third painting of this scene. I have been crazy about the views around this pond for a long time. They are just fascinating and change constantly with the condition of the pond, sometimes wet and full of water and sometimes dry prairie. I bought a new paint box so I got to try it out today. It is an excellent box and holds a larger canvas. 

When the lunch bell rang, I headed for the cottage. We had homemade turkey salad, a nice mixed green salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing and yummy chicken noodle soup. The food is always so good at Fair Oaks. For fun, we had Hershey chocolate bars for dessert. Yummy!!

We listened to Scotty's music, He is a wonderful musician. We laughed about Casey's comment about an old lady who was 50. ;-) It was a fun time with lots of teasing back and forth. Fair Oaks is a happy place where everyone can share a few laughs over a glass of Fair Oaks tea.

After lunch I headed back to finish up my painting and then I was off to do a few minutes of exploring around the pond. The light was just beautiful. it takes me about an hour to get home, so I headed out to beat the dark drive home. Truly, another day in paradise.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mini Residency at Fair Oaks November 11, 2012

Henry Loves Fair Oaks

One of my favorite scenes at Fair Oaks

Notes From My Residency Journal

This morning I decided to paint in the back yard. I wanted the challenge of a difficult painting so I chose this huge old Live Oak. Henry enjoyed laying on the soft beautiful grass, chewing on sticks while I blocked in the painting. A dark cloud arrived and started to spit rain, so I packed up and moved into the studio in the old house to continue my painting. By the time I got set up in the studio, the sun was back out, but no matter.

 I enjoy painting in that old studio space so much. Rick has thoughtfully provided a long table and easels for his artist friends. We can use it any time we like.It has wide plank floors, an ancient Persian rug for comfort and the original sash windows with wavy glass I spend many happy hours there on rainy or cold days. There is an AC/Heater and a half bath, so it has all of the comforts of home. The scene out the window is wonderful with the pond in the distance and tall cabbage palms dotted in the fields. Henry stretched out for a good nap while I turned on my Pandora Radio to Louis Armstrong's wonderful voice.

Lunch time arrived and we sat down to excellent BBQ, fresh sliced tomatoes from my friend Sue Wood's garden, Cole slaw,mac and cheese, mixed vegetables,and Rick's fabulous chocolate chip cookies. Nobody beats Rick in the kitchen!!

After lunch it was time for finishing up the painting and then we were off for a ride around the magic land of Fair Oaks. There is no place on earth I would rather be. I have painted there going on five years now and it just keeps getting better every year. I hope I can paint there for the rest of my life. It is wonderful that I am able to be in this wonderful place and I'm so grateful for the privilege. We hit the day at the right time for the light and it was fabulous!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Fun Artist in Residence Painting

Notes From My Residency Journal

I just got myself a beautiful big canvas 40x60 inches from one of my sponsors French Canvas. It is a dandy! I'm going to use one of the above scenes I took at Fair Oaks on Sunday. I'm going to be working on it in oils, one day a week, so it will take me a little time to finish it. I'm in the mood to do a large painting because I do so much small work on location. I'll be showing you the stages as I go along on it. It will be my largest Residency painting to date. Good fun!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fair Oaks Mini Residency November 4, 2012

Field 1
11x14 inches
acrylic on canvas

Notes From My Residency Journal

These photos don't do Fair Oaks justice. I used a camera phone to take them. Fair Oaks has transformed itself in my absence. I was away for most of October. Now in November it is simply grand!! So beautiful. Cool in the shade and dry and warm in the sun. It is perfect weather for exploring and enjoying this most wonderful place in my world. No matter how much or where I travel, it is Fair Oaks that calls me back. It is  magic for me. There is no such thing as a bad day there, especially from November to May.

Henry gets to go with me in the cool months, so he was delighted. He snoozed in the golf cart all morning while I painted in the shade. He and Shane had a great time for lunch, running all over the cottage, pretending to beat each other up. Shane got put out twice for roughhousing too much. Henry is just as guilty but he is smaller so Shane gets the blame. It's all good fun.

Lunch was delicious as always. Baked sandwiches with fresh fruit and Fair Oaks tea, which is awesome!!

After lunch, we spent our time driving around the fields taking reference photos. We drove back on Fish Prairie and it looks pretty good. The paths could use a mow but I was able to get through them pretty well. We decided to go up into Collins Field and drive the perimeter. I saw a tree down and decided to strike out across the field to avoid it. I didn't realize that the tree was down to mark a ditch. I ran right into it and got stuck, AGAIN!!!! Henry and I set off on foot across the field and I must say I enjoyed the walk back to the house. The grasses were lovely, turning bronze with the seasonal change. Henry puffed along, stopping two or three times to rest. Poor little guy is a couch potato in his day job :-) Bless their hearts, Rick and Scotty came to our rescue and pushed the cart out of the ditch. We made it back only to discover that I had left Leroy's lights on. Rick turned them off for me in time not to run the battery down. He has to rescue me frequently and is always good humored about it. He is a patient and very kind man.

I'm so very grateful for my residency at Fair Oaks.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wrap Up of the Canaveral Seashore Paint Out

My wall of paintings at the Canaveral Paint Out

Merritt island National Wildlife Refuge

Notes From My residency Journal

Happily, the visitor's center at Canaveral National Seashore was packed with patrons tonight. Lots of paintings were sold and I sold two for the week. Thanks to my two collectors who supported me with their purchases. I am very grateful for their support.

The food was lavish. So many tasty tidbits I lost track of them all. A few I remember were clam balls, paella, BBQ chicken and pulled pork sliders, meatballs, chicken wings, sausage and sour kraut, chicken wraps, subs,rare tuna, eggplant, and array of desserts I never got to. There was wine and soft drinks as well. It was a packed house and I'm so happy for the artists who sold well and for the committee. All of their hard work payed off in the end.

It has been an exceptionally nice event and a challenge that everyone met with gusto. Thanks to all of the businesses and sponsors who helped to make it possible. I am grateful to everyone, especially Pat,Dick,Nancy and their crew. I love New Smyrna Beach. It is a unique community. Thanks to my sponsors Donna and Mike for giving me their lovely condo for 8 days.

I'll soon be back at beloved Fair Oaks. I have missed it this month as I've been traveling.

More to come...

Canaveral Seashore Paint Out Day 8

Notes From My Residency Journal

Today is the day!! It is raining and overcast with biiigggg waves. The sea is hitting the seawall at high tide so there is not much beach to see. This morning I started out at C's Beach Diner for a breakfast of ham, eggs, hash browns and sliced tomatoes. Delicious!! it was nice to be remembered from the day before and I got wonderful service. I'll have one more breakfast there tomorrow before I head for home.

I arrived at the Canaveral Seashore Visitor's Center greeted by the chaos of hanging a show. Artists were coming in and out. Committee members were moving ladders and helping the artists. I'm sure by 4:30 for the pre-patron party, all will be calm and beautiful. I managed to get all of my work on the wall and I am ready.

I'm back at the condo watching the rain, cozy for the moment out of the wind. I must send kudos to all of the artists and the committee for this paint out. We have been through a thoroughly challenging event without whining or complaint, so I am proud to be a part of this effort. Please support this beautiful park by coming tonight to the Gala. If you cannot attend, you can purchase the art via email or phone calls to Pat Skirtic at 386.235.4810 She will be glad to send you photos of the art through email and take your purchase on the phone. You may also send a check for purchasing.

View from My Condo

Red Cedar at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

I'll have a wrap up report for you tomorrow and thanks so much for following along on this really exciting Paint Out.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Canaveral Seashore Paint Out Day 7

Notes From My Residency Journal
Last night was the Sunset Paint Out at JB's Fish Camp. I always enjoy that so much. The wind was bad, so I set up my box on top of a big trash can and went to work. People stroll up and down the dock to watch us paint, so it is a bit like a carnival. They give us a big discount on our dinner, so that is nice too. I had a fried shrimp dinner with hush puppies fries and slaw. Yummy!.

No photos today because the wind is too strong to hold the camera. WOW!! We are being hammered by tropical storm Sandy. Yesterday was tough because I had to do a demo on the beach. Today is completely wild. There is no way I could work on the beach today.

I started out this morning with breakfast at C's Beachside Diner. It just opened and happily, it is right across A1A from my condo. It has everything from an extensive breakfast menu to soup,salad,burgers,and meatloaf. The interior is quite nice, though it could use a couple of my paintings on the wall. ;-) It has a clean contemporary decor with neutrals and dark tables and chairs. I liked it. Each table has a vase filled with coffee beans and nice colorful flowers, a nice touch. There is also outdoor seating on the patio, though no one in their right mind would do that today. My server, Melissa was friendly and very efficient. She was knowledgeable about the menu too, well trained. The coffee was fresh and good. The food was ample and hot. She was willing to make a substitution of sliced tomatoes instead of toast for me. I enjoyed crisp good hash browns with eggs and corned beef hash. I met the owner who was very friendly and nice. A nice bonus to have him come out to greet me. They only issue I found was the selection of music.It was a bit young and rock and roll for a restaurant in a community with so many senior citizens. I think a smooth jazz station would have been a better choice.  The restaurant gets an A+ from me. It is located at 4166 S Atlantic Avenue and the phone number is 386.663.3915

I headed on over to the Eldora House and set up my paint box, doing an 11x14 painting with palette knife this time, on the back porch. it was quite windy so I made a headband out of two tiny bungee cords to keep the hair out of my face. I actually enjoyed it. I have one last canvas to do a nocturnal of the swimming pool tonight.

They are moving the event to the new visitor's center today, so I had to pick up all of my paintings. I'm waiting to find out when I should deliver them. I do hope people will make the effort to come out and support us, even in this weather. We have worked in terrible conditions for the last two days and the committee has had so much to deal with.  I am hoping for the best. Painting in a tropical storm is a new experience and one I won't soon forget. It is all very exciting. More to come.......

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bagworms in Red Cedar Trees

One of my readers asked me about Bagworms in Red Cedar Trees. I'm passing this along for anyone interested. It came from E How.


  • Bagworms are the larvae of the bagworm moth (Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis). These insects feast on foliage and spin silken sacks covered with the scales of the cedar. This provides the bagworm effective camouflage from predators. The moth's eggs overwinter in a silk bag produced by the female. The bag also contains the body of the dead mother.

Life Cycles

  • The eggs hatch in April or May and the larvae immediately begin feeding and producing their bags, which eventually reach a length of more than 1 inch and hang from stems or twigs on the tree. The female bagworm begins transforming into an adult in August with males emerging later that month or September. The males fly from bag to bag searching for wingless females that remain inside their protective covers.


  • Adult males possess a black, hairy body and a wingspan of approximately 1 inch, while the females are similar in appearance to maggots. They are yellowish-white in color with no wings or legs and only a small circle of hairs at the end of the abdomen. The bagworm larvae claim a brown abdomen and a white head with spots and eventually grow to 1 inch in length. The female bagworm lays several hundred white eggs and produces one generation annually.


  • Bagworm larvae are capable of completely defoliating trees, a dilemma that has the potential to kill the cedar. As the silken bags are easy to spot hanging from the tree, the simplest bagworm eradication method is to inspect the cedar in winter, remove the bags by hand and destroy the eggs inside. Conduct chemical control through spraying in June when all the larvae have emerged from their bags. Spraying before that is ineffective as the bagworms are too well protected inside their silken homes.

Canaveral Seashore Paint Out Day 6

Waves on Flagler Avenue
11x14 inches

My Sky Painting Educational Board

Notes From My Residency Journal

Today has been a true adventure so far. I started with breakfast at the Beacon, where someone opened the door when a bird decided to fly into the restaurant. The poor thing knocked himself out trying to go through a window. The wait staff scooped him up and placed him in the flower bed beside the restaurant. Luckily, he woke up after a few minutes and went on his way, I'm sure with a nasty headache. I'm so glad he recovered. Sometimes when we get away from people who think like we do, we get a little shock. There were two women in the table next to me who made fun of the whole thing, wondering why anyone would care about a bird? I pity them. All creatures deserve a good life and respect in my opinion.

After breakfast, I headed on over to the Flagler Avenue beach front pavilion. Last year when I painted there, the weather was beautiful and it was a wonderful place to paint. I chose it for that reason to do my demonstration for the paint out. How would I know we are now in the path of a tropical storm? I think I should win the prize for the most difficult demo this week!! The wind was at least 35 MPH with gusts as well. Sand and salt sprayed me to the point that I had to stop to clean my glasses to see. It was exhilarating ! About 20 brave souls showed up to watch and most of them stayed with me through the entirety, which I was grateful for. The sky was not pretty at all, so I made up most of the clouds as I went along. I think most everyone enjoyed it despite the extreme conditions. After all, location painters have to work in adverse conditions, so they may as well get a taste of that. They asked lots of good questions and took notes. it was all good fun for me.

I still have three canvases left, so I will do one tonight at BJ's for the sunset painting and two tomorrow at the park if it is not pouring rain. I am beginning to battle with fatigue at this point in the event. I fear our opening may be ruined by the bad weather, but I hope people will turn out and purchase paintings. The artists and committee have worked so very hard to help the Canaveral National Seashore. I hate to think it would be for naught. Yay for fresh BJ's seafood tonight!!

More to come.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Canaveral Seashore Paint Out Day 5

Weinaug Mangroves

Mary Sue


River from the Weinaug's Dock

Patio Party Location

Notes From My Artist Residency Journal

Yesterday I was hosted for the afternoon by Bill and Mary Sue Weinaug, old friends. They own Wekiva Island in Apopka, FL and are the major sponsors for the Wekiva Paint Out. I painted the afternoon away on their covered dock. I was very excited to have two Manatee visitors, close enough for me to touch, but they quickly moved away before I could get a photo of them. Bill leaves a hose running for them to get a drink, as the river is brackish water.

 The scenery from their dock is very beautiful. It has a second story platform for viewing too. The house is incredible, full of art from their collection. I was proud to see one of my large paintings over the bed in one of the rooms. By the time I finished painting, it was too late to leave and come back for the party, so I enjoyed sitting on the patio, watching the birds and fish jump out of the river.

The party started at 6:30 and it was posh indeed. There was live music on the patio with lots of beautiful lights. The catering staff strolled around with shrimp cocktail shots, clams casino, and bacon wrapped sea scallops, an endless supply. The buffet offered an array of fresh fruits and cheeses, melt in your mouth prime rib chunks with wild rice, and jumbo shrimp in a sauce, along with a mixed green salad. Dessert was tiered on turntables, tiny delicious and beautifully decorated petitfors. ( I don't know how to spell that.)

Of course there was a full bar and bartender. This was a gesture of kindness from the Weinaugs, to give the artists and their friends a lovely evening after long days or work. There were about a hundred people there and I saw many old friends from New Smyrna Beach. I've never enjoyed an event party more and the Weinaugs have set the pleasure bar very high indeed. 

This morning I set out after breakfast at the Beacon for Flagler Avenue to paint. There is an abandoned building there that faces a lovely scene of palms. I've always wanted to paint it, so I decided today was the day. I enjoyed painting it but the sun was fierce and there was no shade to be had. The glare was so bad that I'm surprised that I got anything painted at all, but I kept at it until I finished. This afternoon, I will paint a wave painting.

Tonight we are off to the Arts on Douglas reception with Chef Sue's lovely catering, so I know I will enjoy seeing lots of people there. More to come.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Canaveral Seashore Paint Out Day 4

                                                     Beach at Canaveral National Seashore
Stop Sign
8x10 inches

Mangroves at JB's Fish Camp
8x10 inches

Notes From My Residency Journal

This morning after breakfast at the Beacon I headed out to JB's Fish Camp. it is a wonderful place, rustic and busy with fishermen and boats coming and going in the early morning. It serves lunch and dinner and the seafood is superb and reasonably priced. It is always packed. On Thursday, we get to go there for a sunset paint out and an auction of paintings. They feed us dinner on Thursday night after we paint. They have outdoor and indoor seating, all picnic benches. It is a fish camp, so no luxuries but great food. I enjoyed painting by myself there today, listening to the birds and painting leisurely. I will go back there to paint in January for my next residency.

I want to brag about the park rangers at Canaveral Seashore. These are the nicest people, thoughtful, well informed about the park and its history and who work very hard. They always have a smile or a hug for the artists and frankly, I get away with going to places that are off limits to the public. They are very good to us.

I am also a huge fan of Chef Sue. if you live in the Daytona or New Smyrna Beach area, you are very familiar with Chef Sue. She is an amazing chef and caterer. Her food is a cut above most chefs I have met. She always remembers me and is always thoughtful and kind to the artists.

I have 6 canvases left, so now I must begin to think about what I wish to use them for. I would like to do a nocturnal, and Friday is the only night we don't have an event so I will save my last canvas for that. I might want to do it at JB's or down the end of my driveway here. There is a beach light there and it would be quiet.

Tonight we have been invited to Bill and Mary Sue Weinaug's river front home in Edgewater. Mary Sue and Bill are amazing. They own Wekiva Island in Apopka and are the major sponsors for the Wekiva Paint Out in March. They are so generous and support so many artists. i am so grateful to them for all of the paintings they have purchased from me. I am excited to see this house. their other home is really beautiful. This one has a dock on the river and I am going over after lunch to do a painting there before the party tonight.

I am the luckiest woman in the world, because I know and am supported by so many people who believe in preserving Florida and in supporting the arts. The committee for the paint out has done everything to make this successful and spend countless hours to make this successful.

More to come....