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I was born and raised in Florida. After many years of travel, attending plein air paint outs, I discovered that residencies are the best way to explore the natural world I love. Working for an extended period from seven to ten days really enhances my painting experience. I am lucky to have friends and collectors who make it possible to explore the exciting and interesting locations I love to paint. Supporters provide their unoccupied vacation homes or hotel lodging for my residencies throughout the year. I am always delighted to leave an original framed painting for them as my thanks for their generous gift. If you would like to sponsor a residency, I would love to hear from you.
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Move

I have begun posting stories of my Artist in Residence Project on my Art Notes Blog at my web site. I am attempting to consolidate my blogs on my site.

  Please visit Art Notes to enjoy my stories about my Artist in Residence Project HERE and other adventures in my landscape painting life.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mini residency at Fair Oaks- December 7, 2014

Natalie, Jennifer, Myself and Joanne watched the guys pick oranges.

Our host holds the ladder for Jack.

Picking fun

Winter Trees
8x10 inches
oil on canvas panel
Notes From My Residency Journal
Yesterday was one of those chilly winter days, overcast but beautiful because it made all of the late fall color stand out against the smoky background colors. I love winter in Florida. I painted the above scene down near the pond. I could hear hawks hunting and see ducks, ibis and herons in the pond while I painted. It was a wonderful way to spend the day.
Today we had guests for lunch so it was served down at the pavilion on the little pond. We had grilled hamburgers, slaw, potato salad and delicious baked beans, all made and served by the Fair Oaks staff. I always feel like royalty at Fair Oaks. I am treated as an honored guest even after having been there for 8+ years. We always dine with real plates, and cloth napkins, no plastic or paper there.  We enjoyed cherry pie and Bluebell ice cream for dessert. Yummy!
After lunch the men picked fruit and I took off to explore back on the prairie. As I drove up to the woods between fields, I was treated to an awe inspiring site of Hickory tree leaves, turned to gold. It was splendid! I look forward to that every year. The site of those gold leaves against a backdrop of the mauve, deep green, and gray of winter is stunning!
Life is wonderful any time I can be at Fair Oaks. I'm so grateful to be there.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wrap Up of My Vero Beach Residency

Notes From My Residency Journal

My last two days at Vero were great fun. I went back to the Pelican Island Reserve in better weather to take a few reference photos and wander down one of the trails a bit. There were lovely grasses in a variety of colors, turning rusts and grays for winter, and the cabbage palm hammocks looked so pretty. 

I enjoyed the condo so much. It is beautifully decorated and very comfortable. The Lemon Tree restaurant was a great place to eat and they made me feel right at home each morning. 

I saw a lot of trees that I was not familiar with and I will enjoy painting them from my reference photos. 

The town was really charming, with friendly welcoming residents. I headed home with fond memories of my residence and with thanks to Judy and Jim for their generosity.
Pelican Island Wildlife Reserve

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vero Beach Residency- Day 3

Banyan Tree
9x12 inches
Oil on panel

Notes From My Residency Journal

Today I visited Ft Pierce, FL just a few miles south of Vero Beach. Ft Pierce appears to be Vero Beach's shabby neighbor. I didn't see much of interest there. All of the art focus seems to be on Bean Backus and the Highwaymen.  There was a museum with his work. The Navy Seal museum was there as well. 

I went to the state park at the Ft Pierce Inlet and enjoyed the large Seagrape trees in the park. The wildlife preserve was closed and under construction, so I made my way back to Vero for breakfast at the Lemon Tree Restaurant. It was equally delicious today. I had poached eggs with grits, crisp bacon and an English muffin. The coffee is excellent there too. 

I took a walking tour of Ocean Drive, and found the Laughing Dog Gallery, very nice for glass and 3 D art. I decided to head over to the 14th St arts district. I found a sweet space run by 6 partners, called the Tiger Lily. The ladies were charming and friendly, making every effort to give me information about the art scene in Vero Beach. I enjoyed a short stroll around but it was chilly and overcast so I headed back to the beautiful condo, provided by my friend Judy, to do the above painting. I am enjoying these new trees I find here in South Florida. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vero Beach Residency- Day 2

Notes From My Residency Journal

I had a busy day. I started with breakfast at the Lemon Tree on Ocean Drive, a charming breakfast restaurant. It was warm and cozy, with lovely hand blown glass chandeliers in the dining room, decorated with greenery with tiny white lights and ceramic platters. It was painted a soft butter color. The service was first class, starting with a carafe of excellent coffee.  I chose the homemade hash with poached eggs, English muffin and grilled home fries, all good. A very pleasant breakfast, well served.

I headed north on A1A though the weather was dreadful, chilly, windy and misting rain. I only have a few days to explore this time so I was determined to get out to see what I could find. I checked out the Sebastian Inlet State Park first. Luckily, I have a state park pass. I was surprised at the fee of 8.00 for this park. Most of the state parks I have visited are 4.00-5.00. It is the perfect park for boaters and fishermen. Lots of access to the inlet. I saw white Pelicans and other shore birds. The camping area is very nice and right next to the water. It wasn't so good for nature lovers. It is definitely for water,boats and jetty painting lovers, none of which I have interest in. 

I headed back to Pelican Island Wildlife preserve, much more to my liking. It is quite pretty with lots of natural vegetation and fields of big palms. It reminded me of a small version of Merritt Island Wildlife Preserve. I want to go back there on Thursday if the weather improves by then.  The painting today is of the Pelican Preserve. 

Tomorrow I'm off to ft Pierce to see some of the nature parks there. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Vero Beach Residency - Day 1

View From My Residency Patio. 

I arrived late this afternoon and settled into the condo. It is a lovely, quiet place with it's own covered paking space in front of the door. That is really nice! It is beautifully decorated and has parque floors. I love those! This is paradise! Thank you so very much, Judy and Jim for sponsoring this project.

Tomorrow I plan to get out and about the town to see some art galleries and start looking for nature preserves in the area. I'll check out the waves too.  I passed ranches and citrus groves on SR. 60 which I am very interested in for reference photos. Hopefully I can find a good spot at one of the ranches to paint a bit too. 

The drive down was lovely once I got past the Orlando concrete and traffic.  More to come tomorrow.
Royal Poinciana Tree
Oil on canvas

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Getting Ready for Vero Beach

Notes From My Residency Journal

Monday I'll be off to my painting residency in Vero Beach, FL for 5 days. Thank you so much Judyth Dawson for sponsoring this residency. I am lucky indeed to have such a generous friend. I will be exploring the nature parks, taking reference photos, checking out the art galleries and painting every afternoon. Yay! I can't wait!