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I was born and raised in Florida. After many years of travel, attending plein air paint outs, I discovered that residencies are the best way to explore the natural world I love. Working for an extended period from seven to ten days really enhances my painting experience. I am lucky to have friends and collectors who make it possible to explore the exciting and interesting locations I love to paint. Supporters provide their unoccupied vacation homes or hotel lodging for my residencies throughout the year. I am always delighted to leave an original framed painting for them as my thanks for their generous gift. If you would like to sponsor a residency, I would love to hear from you.
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Linda's Mini Residency 11/27/2011

Dry Pond
9x12 inches
acrylic on birch panel

Field Three at Fair Oaks

Henry Blondheim and Shane Knellinger

Notes From My Fair Oaks Residency

I am one of the lucky people in life who have the privilege of having a permanent residency at a wonderful and beautiful place. I can come and go as I please and I never take that for granted. I am an artist in residence at Fair Oaks, a hundred and sixty acre estate in Evinston Florida. It is a true luxury to work there and I have been painting there for about four years. I have done a significant body of work and much of my current painting process has been developed at Fair Oaks.

Today was a perfect day to take Henry, my French bulldog, and enjoy a day at Fair Oaks. I am provided with a golf cart to explore and paint, so Henry and I often head out to explore and paint together. He is an exceptional companion with great patience. He usually snoozes on the seat while I paint. Sometimes we are joined by our friend Shane, one of three Border Collies who own the place with their dad Rick.

I did the above painting today of one of my favorite spots, the big pond. It's dry now but in wet season it is full of beautiful mint green lily pads and all kinds of aquatic birds.

I spent some time taking photos today. There is a giant tree in the new field that I have my eye on to paint and I got several reference photos for a studio painting. It is huge but the canopy is so low that it's hard to get a good distant view, so it will need to be a close up. I'll probably want to do more than one painting. It is an exceptional tree. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Week's Mini Residency-Tuscawilla Prairie

 Mary Jane Works Fast

Linda in the Shade

Today Mary Jane and I adventured to Tuscawilla Prairie, about 15 miles from Gainesville. This is a magical place to paint in the fall and winter. We are lucky to be involved with Alachua Conservation Trust who owns vast acreage on this prairie and a wonderful log cabin on the prairie rim. We have been watching it through the brutal summer months, patiently waiting for the right season to paint. At last it is cool enough. The color is spectacular and luscious. Full of patterns of smoky blue, ochre, chocolate brown, wheat, rust and mauve purple.

We took an early drive through the prairie on narrow paths that have been mowed. Up close and personal, it is truly amazing. Here are a couple of example photos. I can't wait to use these to do some paintings.

We try to have a mini residency on Tuesdays with time permitting. Sometimes we paint with friends and other times alone.  The mini residencies help us to gather reference materials in between our longer out of area residencies.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Little House

Our Frequent Residence

Notes From the Residence File

I have a fondness for many of the vacation homes and condos we stay in. It is like returning to an old friend. The above "Little House" is a favorite. It has quite a history. It was originally a Montgomery Ward kit house, the original manufactured housing. My friends Milan and Pat bought it as a young couple with children. Over the years they have restored it to its original glory. It has original hardwood floors, two bedrooms and a bath and a kitchen. The best part is the nice screened porch in front where I love to lounge in the evening. it is about two blocks from the beach and my favorite breakfast restaurant is around the corner. how can ya beat that? They generously provide a residency for us whenever we want it. They live nearby so it is a great adventure each time.

Linda Blondheim

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A "Mini" Residency

Today, Mary Jane and I headed for my favorite place, Fair Oaks, to check out the fall glory. The cypress trees are turning a dark orange and rust now and other hardwoods are turning a rainbow of fall colors. From now through March, Florida offers it's most beautiful climate and that is why we suffer through the brutal summers as full time residents. It is worth the wait. We spent our morning exploring the fields and taking photos. We stopped for lunch at Pearl Country Store in Micanopy for some excellent BBQ chicken, collard greens and beans. Then we were back to Fair Oaks to do a study of the dry pond area. It was a splendid adventure and we ended it by cruising along looking at Tuscawilla Prairie on our way back to the city. Our week long residency at Fair Oaks will be the last week in February, so the color will be winter gray,wheat, blue and purple by then.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our First Residency

Our first residency will be in beautiful New Smyrna Beach, Florida. We will explore the National Seashore, Spruce Creek, The Loop and other pockets of beauty in Volusia County. Look for us out and about from January 9-16, 2012. You will find us painting at the beach on Flagler Avenue and having the best breakfast in town at The Beacon. Thank you Louann Hall for this generous residency. Stay tuned for posts during and after this residency.

Linda Blondheim